Course Outline
In the modern world, for support and for basic queries, many industries have looked for automated chatbots which can solve their customer issues automatically without manual intervention.

In this course, you will learn to build your chatbot based on a sample dataset. The course starts with basics of Deep Learning and its intuition. Complete building of a chatbot will be taught starting from basic cleaning to tuning of the model.
This course is for the students who have a basic understanding of Machine Learning and want to learn some advanced deep learning algorithms along with its implementation in chatbot.
  • 1. Introduction to the course

  • 2. Quick overview to all ML algorithms

  • 3. Deep Learning algorithms

  • 4. Artificial Neural Network

  • 5. Recurrent Neural Networks

  • 6. A basic ChatBot implementation

  • 7. Data Pre-processing for a ChatBot

  • 8. Building the Seq2Seq model

  • 9. Training and testing the model

  • 10. Other ChatBot implementations

  • 11. Combining SQL and Tableau

MentorGrads training prgram for Machine Learning in Python is one of a kind with all the detailing covered and that too in very little time. All you need to do as a student is practice whatever they have taught and you will become a master in Machine Learning

MentorGrads were a part of teaching the AU grads in Accolite and they did a tremendous job in ensuring that the grads are provided with the much needed kick required for the transformation from students to Professionals.

I think so the course work was superb and to the point. I have already suggested them to open a full time training course as it would be in depth and it would be more fruitful.

The coursework and teaching method was good. I think so it is very cheap as compared to other institutions as the coursework of MentorGrads is similar to and better than most of the ML institutes. It is worth the investment.

It is always difficult to transfer to a different technology when working in a corporate and most of the institutions tend to charge high fees for AI. But with MentorGrads, I was able to gain the required knowledge to switch and that too at a fraction of cost.

I was fascinated by the amount of knowledge that can be retained from a 2 day workshop. It was an amazing experience and it made me realise that if teaching is done in a proper way and practiced well, we can grasp a lot. And as I personally know the team of MentorGrads. So Go rock MentorGrads!

Their 2 day workshop at IIT on Machine Learning was very informative. Although there were a number of students but still the mentors made sure that everyone in the room understood each and everything. Later on I also attended the Advanced ML with actual industry projects and it awakened my interest in ML & AI to a great extent.

I would like to suggest them to incorporate more technologies. Currently they focus mostly on ML & AI, I think they should explore Cyber Security and other fields as well. In a vast country like India, we need more such organisations to step up for a better understanding.

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